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zovirax cream canada Scientific research points to many factors adversely impacting bee health. While we don’t yet have answers to all bee health problems, we do know the best way to support bees is to plant healthy and bee-friendly plants, creating desirable habitats where they can feed and forage. Once these habitats are established, it is imperative to maintain and keep them thriving through the correct use of water, nutrients, and careful pest management.

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Neonicotinoids are a class of pesticides that is a much safer alternative for consumers, professional applicators and the environment than older, broad-spectrum pesticides. They have been studied extensively and found to be very effective yet low in toxicity, which is why they are commonly used in and around homes and on pets. In fact, the USDA’s 2013 report listed pesticides near the bottom of the long list of factors impacting bee health.

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